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Sale of equipment, accessories, consumables, chemical components for the oil and gas sector and the mining industry. As well as supply of fertilizers and pesticides for agriculture.


Today, agriculture is one of the most important sectors which is represented in almost all countries. Globally, agriculture employs about 1 billion of the economically active population. Agricultural development is a motivating factor for industrial production. And still need fertilizer, pesticides, plant protection, fuel and other consumables.

Property fertilizer to improve soil fertility and productivity of crop plants that are grown people. The culture of microorganisms as fertilizer use today, bacteria transform organic and mineral substances in the form of easily absorbed by plants.

Pesticides are used by man for plant protection, agricultural products, as a barrier to pests and disease vector control.

Proposals for agricultural


Russia has a unique resource base which allows producing the whole range of fertilizers: nitric, phosphorous and potash ones. The scale of production propelled the fertilizer industry to the top among the other manufacturers of chemical and petrochemical products. The fertilizer industry is export-oriented. Russian manufacturers of mineral fertilizers are among the key stakeholders of the world market in all its segments.

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According to the British agency Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd., Russia will reach the third place in the world by the number of applying plant protection products in the near future. At the same time, the structure of pesticide consumption consists of the herbicides by 54%. Insecticides and fungicides account for almost equal shares in the total volume of output of chemical plant protection products. World demand for pesticides has been increasing annually by 3%, herewith herbicides and insecticides are most popular pesticides due to their wide use in the cultivation of major crops worldwide. However, in the coming years the main production growth is expected to be on the market of fungicides and other pesticides, since most of the world inventions are being currently made particularly in these areas.

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Республика Гана
We are proud to announce the opening of a foreign representative office of Eqwell Trade company in the Republic of Ghana in Africa

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RussNeft reports gas find in Azerbaijan 17 November 2016

RussNeft reports gas find in Azerbaijan

Russia's seventh largest oil and gas producer Russneft is planning to add 15bn m3 of gas in Azerbaijan to its balance sheet reserves in 2017, according to a company filing published because of its planned IPO on the Moscow stock exchange, reported NaturalGasWorld on November 17, 2016.

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IEA sees gas demand growing 50% by 2040 17 November 2016

IEA sees gas demand growing 50% by 2040

Worldwide demand for natural gas will grow faster than for all other fossil fuels between now and 2040, forecasts the IEA’s World Energy Outlook released November 16, 2016.

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Azerbaijan´s SOCAR - German UNIPER joint venture established 17 November 2016

Azerbaijan´s SOCAR - German UNIPER joint venture established

Azerbaijan’s energy giant SOCAR and German Uniper Energy Company created a joint venture for manufacturing a steam turbine generator, reported Azernews on November 16, 2016.

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