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Reagents for drilling

As an experience in the construction of wells shows, the drilling fluid is one of the main factors of quick and trouble-free drilling of the well of a given profile and quality of opening the productive horizon. The use effective of chemicals in preparation of the drilling fluid helps to achieve compliance with the requirements at minimum cost of the processing of drilling fluid.


Chemical reagents for drilling

  • Clays and shale swelling inhibitors

The organic inhibitor of clays and shales BIO XX effectively suppresses the processes of hydration and swelling of clays and shales, prevents further dispersion of drilled clay mud, helps to reduce balling on the elements of KNBK and drill mudding.


Successful development of the oil and gas industry depends on many factors. One of them is an availability of all the necessary equipment and chemicals in enterprises. Chemicals make the work more effective and help to avoid loss of time and extracted raw material.


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