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New opportunities

Representative Offices 

Most national companies in a particular period of its development are aiming to bring the output goods and services to foreign markets.

We are proud to announce the opening of a foreign representative office of Eqwell Trade company in the Republic of Ghana in Africa.


Phone in Ghana: 020 235 6982

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: P. O. Box OS 853, Osu, Accra


СертификатThe new branch in the Republic of Ghana will provide ample opportunities for successful business in Africa.

The main objectives of representation are:

  • direct access and work in the African market;
  • greater customer value of the parent company;
  • assistance in searching for partners for collaborative projects and their consultations;
  • carrying out not only certain tasks of the company, but also the technical and welfare organization of negotiations, meetings and other events, together with making transactions;
  • processing of proposals from potential customers and transmitting of  the company information, development of promotional activities, market surveillance research, synthesis of information and proposals for the creation collaborative projects.


The representation conducts its activities on the basis of the approved by Eqwell Trade parent company agreements, and the leaders act on the basis of powers of attorney granted to them.


Distributors and Agents Information

EQWELL TRADE Company is open for cooperation with companies in different fields.

Representative Offices of Foreign Companies in Russia

 We are ready to represent foreign companies wishing to be on the Russian market with no need for opening local branches. Cooperation with us will noticeably help other companies to minimize costs of entrancing into the Russian market due to our familiarity with the Russian specificity, access to resources (including administrative ones) and unique experience in the organization of logistics.





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